How To Deposit via Bkash with Bonus Claiming

Apr 25, 2023 | Deposit

1. Log in your account. Once Logged in, go to Main Wallet and click Deposit.

2. Select Regular Deposit, then your desired bonus and make your deposit. Select Payment Method and Click bKash.

3. Choose or input your desired Deposit Amount then click Submit. You will be redirected to bKash Payment, copy the account number.

4. Go to your bKash app and Log in your account. Click Cash Out, then paste the account number on the Agent.

5. Enter your Deposit Amount then click confirm to Cash Out. Once Cash out is successful, copy the transaction ID and screenshot the proof of Cash Out.

6. Go back to bKash Payment, paste the transaction ID and attach the screenshot then click Submit.

7. Check the Transaction of Record in the Main Wallet to see if the deposit amount has been successfully deposited.